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What are the research projects


The Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Platform aims to deliver an improved reporting system through three closely linked projects:

Data Synthesis, Modelling and Management: project AC0114 – This project will provide a synthesis of existing and new evidence on GHG emission factors and the effectiveness of mitigating measures, provided by literature review and the partner projects. This will be integrated with UK agricultural statistics and data on farm practices to define an improved Emissions Inventory structure for reporting and tracking change. This will be supported by the development of a robust methodology to quantify the uncertainty in emission estimates

Methane (CH4) Emissions: project AC0115 – This project will measure methane emissions from different livestock types under different farming systems representative of the UK. The aim is to understand how animal nutrition, rumen additives, genetic differences , and farming systems affect emissions (and hence how they might be reduced). It will also produce emission factors that better represent livestock management in the UK.

Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions: project AC0116 – This project will measure nitrous oxide emissions from soils (the most important source), taking account of influencing factors such as the amount and timing of manufactured and organic nitrogen applications, and the use of nitrification inhibitors. The aim is to understand the major factors controlling the amount of nitrous oxide released from soil and produce emission factors that better reflect the range of soils, climate, crop and soil management within the UK.

Outputs from the three projects will also be closely coordinated with concurrent Defra project AC0112 (Inventories of ammonia and greenhouse gases from UK agriculture), which delivers an annual UK GHG reporting mechanism fit for submission to the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


Agricultural UK GHG Platform Partners
University of Aberdeen ADAS UK Ltd Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Centre for Ecology & Hydrology University of Cranfield University Wales Aberystwyth The James Hutton Institute National Physical Laboratory theRothamsted Research Scottish Agricultural College Environmental Data Archival Organic research centre Met office University East Anglia University Nottingham University Reading
University of Aberdeen University of Aberdeen Aberystwyth University ADAS Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Bangor University Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Cranfield University University of East Anglia The James Hutton Institute The Met Office University of Nottingham National Physical Laboratory Organic Research Centre University of Reading Rothamsted Research Centre for Environmental Data Archival Scotland's Rural College

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