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What will the projects deliver

  • Improved and UK specific GHG emission factors and farm practice data with which to calculate a more accurate emissions baseline and forecast the outcomes of proposed policy instruments.
  • An improved Emissions Inventory methodology that is sensitive to changes in the agricultural industry, which will be used to demonstrate emissions reductions through the industry-led Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.
    • Traceable data and models which will be largely accessible to the wider research community, and the physical and cyber infrastructure/platforms to host additional research on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

    Who will benefit?


    The research will provide an improved evidence-base for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government, and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Northern Ireland to deliver policies that help to reduce emissions from agriculture.

    Farming Industry

    The project will provide information to the farming industry on methods to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions whilst maintaining productivity.

    The farming industry will be represented in the governance of the project and will be closely involved in the development of the inventory. The data generated by the project will be accessible to farmers and will help the sector improve their net environmental performance.

    Food Industry

    In the longer term, an improved Emissions Inventory will support emissions reductions through the whole food chain. An improved inventory model will also provide some information that could be used for carbon foot-printing of food products.


    Agricultural UK GHG Platform Partners
    University of Aberdeen ADAS UK Ltd Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Centre for Ecology & Hydrology University of Cranfield University Wales Aberystwyth The James Hutton Institute National Physical Laboratory theRothamsted Research Scottish Agricultural College Environmental Data Archival Organic research centre Met office University East Anglia University Nottingham University Reading
    University of Aberdeen University of Aberdeen Aberystwyth University ADAS Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute Bangor University Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Cranfield University University of East Anglia The James Hutton Institute The Met Office University of Nottingham National Physical Laboratory Organic Research Centre University of Reading Rothamsted Research Centre for Environmental Data Archival Scotland's Rural College

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